Britain is braced for Brian. How to prepare your home for gale force winds

News at Waterfords | 20/10/2017

Waterfords share their top tips with landlords, homeowners and tenants on how to safeguard their property from damage as Storm Brian approaches. There is still time to weatherproof your home ahead of Storm Brian, who will be arriving in the local area on Saturday morning.

Check your property and its immediate surroundings for obvious and preventable risks. 

This could include, but is not limited to large, overgrown branches, loose fence panels and fixtures and fittings. These things might seem harmless when the sun is shining, but add wind gusts of over 40mph to the recipe and they could pose harm to your property.


Keep your property well sealed externally

During high winds wind speed can vary greatly and place pressure on all elements of a building. Homeowners should ensure windows are fully closed to prevent them catching in the wind and blowing open, and inspect cracks near doors etc, covering them up where necessary.


Don’t forget the roof

The roof is without doubt the most exposed part of the home when it comes to high winds. Inspect the roof safely from the ground and if you spot any loose tiles or sagging material, ensure that you keep your distance from the area below until the winds have died down. A specialist should then be called before another winter storm hits. Our property management team can recommend trusted local contractors who can come and take a look.

Is it a bird, is it a plane? No, it’s a trampoline…

All sorts of weird objects can be picked up by high winds and turned into a dangerous missile in seconds. Avoid the foreseeable by ensuring all garden furniture, barbeques, toys and anything else you can think of is stored away in a shed or weighed down substantially – especially those trampolines!


Don’t forget about your car

Trim back any suspect trees near where you park and make sure your car is parked out of the way of these. If you are lucky enough to have a garage, use it so your car is one less thing to worry about.


Get cosy and enjoy the view

If you have followed the above advice, then it’s time to cosy up and do some storm watching from the comfort of your safe and secure home. Remember, he’s not a hurricane, he’s a very naughty storm!