Demand soars for pet-friendly rental homes

News at Waterfords | 09/09/2021

Demand soars for pet-friendly rental homes

Tenant demand has risen 13% over the past year. At Waterfords Lettings, we have noticed a huge number of tenants are now enquiring for pet friendly rentals.

Demand for pet-friendly rental properties has more than doubled as enquiries to letting agents for pet-friendly rental homes are up 120% across England!

The ‘pandemic pet boom’ has seen more than a third of UK households become pet owners since the first lockdown period in March 2020. Over half of UK adults are now thought to own a pet, the majority dog (26%) or cat (24%) owners.


Tenants pay a premium for pet-friendly lets

Research has found 31% of renters are prepared to pay a premium (£40 per month outside of London, £50 in London) for a pet-friendly property. However, parking is the amenity that the highest proportion of renters are prepared to pay a premium for (38%).

Do you have a property to let?

Why not consider making it a pet-friendly rental? Waterfords Lettings and Property Management can work with you to ensure any potential damages would be covered in the contract and tenant deposit. Give our team a call today to discuss becoming a pet friendly rental and generate more interest in your home.

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