Our favourite interior design trends for 2021

News at Waterfords | 12/01/2021

Our favourite interior design trends for 2021


Are you planning on giving your home a makeover in 2021? In these days of easy access to drool-worthy home decor inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram, we’ve all suffered a case of design envy.

As an estate agent we see loads of homes throughout Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire, and we’re here to tell you that it’s very much possible to create an envy-inducing home of your own without breaking the bank. You just need take the time to get a little creative – and who doesn’t have the time to do that during lockdown?

As your trusted estate agent in Camberley, Chobham, Fleet and Yateley, we share some of the top interior trends coming for 2021 that we absolutely love!



Homeowners are increasingly looking for ways in which to make their homes stand out, instead of the usual mass produced, flat-pack furniture that’s functional but not unique. Think antique sideboards and cabinets in dark shades of brown. The more unique the story is behind it, the better!

Mooch around antique shops when they reopen to find that perfect quirky piece. A lot of local business have moved online during the pandemic, so it’s worth seeing if local antique shops have an online shop by searching on Google.




As a society we are more aware than ever before of the damage that’s being done to our planet, and that’s reflected in the growing trend of buying individual items of furniture, instead of mass-produced, often lower quality, products.

This also ties in with the vintage trend. Furniture that was built say 50 years ago not only has its own story, but it will also have been built to last. A few scratches add to its character and it won’t fall apart and get discarded so easily.


Multi-Functional Space


With the huge increase in people working from home, our houses have increasingly become our offices too. For those who aren’t lucky enough to have a dedicated space for at home, the demand for multi-functional furniture is on the rise.

Consequently, items such as storage ottomans are perfect for using as both a footrest at the end of a long day, but also a place to store your laptop and any paperwork out of sight in the evening.




Not only have people been working from home more, they have also been spending more time at home in general during lockdown, with many living rooms serving as an office, gym and bar at times, often on the same day! As a result of increased time spent indoors, the desire to declutter and make more use of the space available will be a growing trend throughout 2021. This also relates to the trend of having multi-functional furniture and space.


Natural Materials


Furniture that is made from natural materials is also set to be a big hit in 2021, with designers constantly coming up with new ways of combining natural materials. This can be anything from wood and marble to ceramics and metals as designers combine textures and styles. There seems to be a big Pinterest and Instagram trend of turning wooden pallets into furniture, especially outdoor corner sofas… That seems like a fun lockdown 3 idea to get ready for the warmer Spring weather!


Earthy Colours


One of the biggest trends that’s set to drop in 2021 is the use of earthy colours such as mustards, greens, beiges, blues and browns. With so many people having spent so much time indoors due to the pandemic, colours that we associate with nature and the outdoors are going to be popular as people reconnect with the outside environment and try to bring it into their homes.


Shades of Pink


Love it or hate it, pink is set to be a top colour in 2021! Soft and neutral shades of pink are predicted to be particularly popular. Lighter shades of pink are light and airy, which give rooms a more spacious feel, and it goes with most other colours, so finding furniture to complement the colour scheme will be easy.


Ocean Waves and Distant Shores


The increased time we have all spent indoors has heightened many people’s longing to get away and take a break, and that’s reflected in the trend for colours that relate to soft sea blues and cloudless skies. Blue is also a very tranquil and calming colour, so it is perfect for anyone who’s spending more time indoors and looking to destress after a long day at the (home) office.


House Plants


Following on from the trend for earthy colours, indoor plants are also quickly coming back in fashion. Not only do houseplants add colour and life to a room, they bring the outdoor environment into the home. Plants will purify the air and they’re known to boost your mood – something much needed at the start of 2021. With such a wide variety of plants to choose from, there’s something suitable for any room in the house.


Style your bed!


Yes, your bed is primarily for sleeping and lounging, and the occasional Netflix binge, but it can also be a statement style piece for your home. Why not make the most of your relaxing spaces? Get yourself some gorgeous new bed linen and an assortment of cosy cushions. Add a season-appropriate throw – furry for winter and bright/light for summer – to add a cosier style. If you’re feeling creative and don’t have a headboard, consider painting one on the blank wall behind your bed. It’s cost-effective and can easily be painted over whenever you fancy a change.




It’s not just vintage furniture that’s trending for 2021, any items that could be considered unique and individual are currently in fashion. As we have all been spending more time in our homes and less time in the office and out socialising, there’s a noticeable shift towards putting more personality into our homes. There is an increased trend towards individual furniture that reflects our own personalities. Think animal-shaped lamps and tropical theme light shades for example, or bright and bold statement rugs.

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