How long do tenants stay in their rental homes?

News at Waterfords | 07/07/2021

How long do tenants stay in their rental homes?

Tenants stay for an average of 18 months in their rental homes. This is 6 months longer than the average length of lease (12 months). Older renters are likely to stay in their rental homes for longer and there is a steady upward trend in tenancy length by age bracket. Those in their 40s stay twice as long as those in their 20s. Meanwhile, 10% of moving renters had been in their previous home for 5 or more years.


So, how do you keep your tenants happy?

The ultimate dream for many landlords is to have reliable and long-term tenants, who keep to their rent dates and stay on top of basic property maintenance matters. So, building a good relationship with your tenants will not only make your life as a landlord much easier, but it will help make your property investment more profitable.

Waterfords Lettings and Property Management have years of experience working with landlords and tenants and have pretty much seen it all. To help you keep on top of the many requirements, our property management team have created a handy list of essentials that - if followed - will ensure you are compliant, keep your tenants happy and save money.

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Source: Dataloft Rental Market Analytics, using median to calculate average.