How many Easter eggs is your property worth?

News at Waterfords | 18/04/2019

UK consumers spent £395 million on Easter eggs and confectionery during Easter 2018, up 5% on 2017 and it is anticipated that spend in 2019 will be even higher. Such spending equates to the equivalent of over 1,700 average priced UK homes! By property type, this would buy over 2,000 average priced terraced properties, compared to just 1,100 detached homes.

The UK is the fourth highest consumer of chocolate in the world. Mintel estimates 1 in 6 UK adults consumes chocolate every single day, the average person consuming approximately 9.5kg of chocolate per year. That’s a nine and a half giant Lindt chocolate bunnies! Waterfords have just given away 4 of these bunnies to the lucky winners of our recent Facebook competition, which will go a long way to the average British person’s annual chocolate consumption.

The average house in the South East of England is worth 8104.5 giant Lindt chocolate bunnies!

Although we are not sure our vendors would accept chocolate as an offer I’m afraid…

We can tell you how much your home is worth in seconds with our instant online valuation tool – monetary value not chocolate! CLICK HERE


Happy Easter from everyone at Waterfords!


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