Mapping property price by £ per square metre

News at Waterfords | 15/10/2017

The Office of National Statistics has just released average house price data per square metre for properties across England. A buyer in London should expect to pay around £6,639 per square metre (£617 per square foot).

The average in London is almost double the next region (the South East). Where Waterfords’ six branches operate, the average price is £3,445 per square metre (£320 per square foot). Measuring property value based on the size of a property has long been recognised as an important metric for comparing properties in London and is widely used by developers and investors across the country.

While this method of comparing property prices is possibly less familiar to buyers outside of London, the measure is now becoming more widespread. However the primary factors for choosing a home; number of bedrooms, location, condition etc will always remain imperative in property value. 

The method of judging property value by looking at £ per square metre can be particularly useful for comparing the value of flats or properties with no gardens. It obviously becomes more complicated where garden size or other external space can have a positive effect on property value.

If you are curious to find out if your home bucks the trend and meets the average £3,445 per square metre in the South East, then contact Waterfords today who are happy to provide a free, no obligation market appraisal. 

Alternatively, if your home is situated on a larger than average plot, it may very well buck the South East trend in terms of average price. Contact our Land and New Homes Department to unlock the potential of your garden.

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