Must read packing tips for when you move house

News at Waterfords | 13/09/2020

Moving house in Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire soon? First and foremost, congratulations are in order!

Now that you’ve found a new home, it’s time to start thinking about the actual moving process itself. And a major part of that is the dreaded ‘p’ word…. Yes, packing!

Start by taking a few deep breaths. We don’t want you roaming from room to room with no idea where to get started, so our essential packing tips will help make the process a lot easier and a lot less overwhelming for you.



1. Prepare a bag of essentials for the first week

Although some people do this just for their first night in their new house, we recommend packing a bag with all the essentials you’ll need for the first week. Trust us, the unpacking process can be even slower than the packing process because you have to decide where everything will go!

Give yourself a little time to settle in and save the hassle of having to wade through all your cardboard boxes for your toiletries. Pack a separate bag for everything you’ll need for the first week in your new home.



2. Move chests of drawers as they are by wrapping them with cling film

Yes, you did read that right. This is a top tip! You can easily save yourself the trouble of removing and packing away every small item from your drawers, only to have to put it right back once you’re in your new place. Simply wrap cling film tightly around any chests of drawers so that your removal company can shift them as is.

Unwrap at the other end, and you have all your items exactly where you want them. Easy!



3. Create makeshift handles in cardboard boxes

Want to make moving day itself a little easier? Then it’s time to get creative. Whether you’re using a professional removal firm or not, those heavy cardboard boxes will be a lot easier to move with handles. It’s easily done; just cut small triangles into the side panels and lift your boxes with a lot more ease.



4. Use wheeled suitcases to transport heavier items

If you’ve got a suitcase or two with wheels stashed away in storage, now’s the time to make use of them. Simply pack away any heavier items such as books and bulky sports equipment into your wheeled suitcases, and you can easily transport them to your new place. It saves you having to lug them over in weighty boxes that might even break from the weight!



5. Pack jewellery and smaller items in egg cartons

When it comes to packing for your house move, you may eventually find that your smaller items are more of a hassle to pack than bulkier pieces. For instance, jewellery. Luckily, there’s a tried-and-tested packing trick that works well for the smaller stuff, and that comes in the form of egg cartons!

Start to save egg cartons in the weeks leading up to your move and use the compartments within to store any small items such as necklaces and earrings. It keeps them safe and separate rather than all jumbled up in one big bag.

Secure the egg cartons with your trusty old cling film.



6. Use colour-coded labels for your cardboard boxes

While most people label their boxes for a house move, your process could be helped by taking your label game up a notch. Simply colour code your labels by room (the room you want your box moved into) so that you and your moving team can easily spot these on the big day. It’s a visual trick that makes it easy to avoid confusion or boxes ending up in the wrong room.

Oh, and make sure to pop those labels onto each side of the box. It’ll be worth the effort when everything ends up in the right place.



7. Cover any hanging clothes with bin bags to move as they are

Let’s face it, folding everything in our wardrobe can be a bit of pain. If, like us, you don’t have perfect Marie Kondo folding skills, then consider this simple packing idea. Take any hanging clothes to your new place on their hangers. Simply cover them with bin bags while they’re still on the hangers and move them to your new home without any dirt or dust getting on them.

Remove the bags at the other end to hang, and you’ve got your new wardrobe in a good place before you know it!


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