Returning to work in the office? Keep your home secure!

News at Waterfords | 19/08/2021

Returning to work in the office? Keep your home secure!

As the lockdown restrictions across Camberley, Chobham, Fleet and Yateley and the UK as a whole have been eased, many of us are looking forward to heading back to normality at their workplace after months of working from home.

However, opportunistic criminals are aware of the increasing number of empty properties in Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire, so how can you ensure your home is protected as you head back to the office?

At Waterfords Estate Agents, we always like to think of ways we can help homeowners so here are our 12 top security ideas to give you peace of mind.


Create an Illusion

Perhaps the oldest trick in the book!

Most criminals target empty homes. Unoccupied properties present the best opportunity to seize any valuables and make a quick escape.

If you work shifts, and your home is often left in complete darkness during early mornings or late evenings, using a timer on the lights around your home is the simplest way to give the illusion of a busy house. Try to use a random combination throughout the property, as thieves may become aware of the same daily routine.


Make Friends with Your Neighbours

Building a solid sense of community in your neighbourhood is not only great from a social perspective but can significantly increase your home’s protection.

Neighbours can look out for each other. Should anyone notice any suspicious activity, the police can be notified quickly, even when the homeowner is not present.


A Visible Alarm System

Often, robbers are just chancing their luck. They might have a particular area or street in mind, yet the specific property will often be the one that appears the easiest target.

A visible alarm system is the most obvious sign of a secure home. Many alarm systems link directly to the police, and criminals are well aware of this fact so won’t take the risk.


Car Keys Off Display

If you walk, take the bus or train to work, the worst thing you can do is leave your car keys in your home and near the window or door.

This is a dream scenario for burglars, who will have the means to hook your keys easily and jump on the opportunity for a relatively quick and easy car theft.

Motion Sensor Lights

If you work irregular hours and regularly leave home before the sun comes up and return at twilight, motion sensor lights are one of the most cost-effective ways of protecting your home.

Criminals want to do their work undetected, and if bright lights illuminate as soon as they step foot on your property, they will be far less likely to pursue your home.

Remember to cover your back garden as well as the front of your property.



Whilst CCTV may not make your home any more difficult to break into, it astronomically increases the chances of criminals being caught.

CCTV is an expensive outlay; however, it is one of the best protection methods for your property. When criminals know every move they make is being recorded, they are far less likely to make an attempt on your home.

Consider Your Borders

Tall trees and fences give us the privacy we desire from our gardens, but they can also make life much easier for intruders.

Once a robber has broken through the border, they are out of sight from any neighbours or passers-by. This can make breaking into the home or garden shed much more straightforward. 


Use Social Media Cautiously

Try to refrain from posting about your long days away from home, because you’re just making it abundantly clear that your house is empty.

For criminals that do choose to target specific homes, this gives them the perfect opportunity.


Upgrade Your Locks

Upgrading the locks around your doors and windows can be a straightforward and relatively inexpensive way to protect your home.


Electronic Doorbell

An electronic doorbell provides the second-best option to a complete CCTV system.

It can be linked to your phone, and most models are complete with a motion sensor. Meaning, the second anyone comes near your front door, an alert will be sent to your phone where you can watch their activity.

Most have in built two-way audio. Great for telling the delivery driver where to leave the parcel, but even better for giving a potential intruder a fright!


Secure Your Shed

Some of our most valuable possessions now live in the garden.  From expensive garden tools and bikes in the shed to electronic equipment in the summerhouse, it is essential we properly secure our outside spaces. 

You should treat your outside with the same level of caution as the main home. Use heavy-duty padlocks and instal motion sensor lights. If possible, extend your alarm system to cover the shed for an extra level of protection.


Consider A Small Safe

Investing in a small safe may be worthwhile. In here, you can keep your passport, jewellery, and any other valuables.

All these options can be used to give you the peace of mind you require. 

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