Spooky street names cast spells on property prices

News at Waterfords | 30/10/2017

With Halloween upon us Waterfords reflect on some of the spookier street names across the nation. Cauldron Crescent, Vampire Road and Coffin Close might sound like street names featured in a horror movie, but you will find all of them in the UK.

There are almost 30 spooky street names across Britain that we dared to find. Here are our favourites:

  • Black Cat Drive
  • Broomstick Lane
  • Cackle Street
  • Cauldron Crescent
  • Cemetery Lane
  • Coffin Close
  • Devils Lane
  • Headless Close
  • Hell Lane
  • Reapers Close
  • Skull House Lane
  • Snake Lane
  • Spiders Island
  • Spook Hill
  • Vampire Road
  • Witches Lane 


Quite a few of these street names could certainly make the hair stand up on the back of your neck on a dark night but do these names have more intrigue than spook factor for house hunters?

Luckily most buyers don't get too superstitious as there have been around 9,000 transactions for ‘number 13’ properties over the last year. The average price of these properties being £260,000 - much higher than the national average.

In 2017, there have been close to 200 transactions on properties located on spooky streets with their average price being £296,000 compared to the current average house price of £226,000 across the UK.

So if you've heard that nobody wants a haunted house then it's a load of hocus-pocus. These spooky streets appear to be more treat than trick for the homeowners who dare to live on them.

The question is, would you buy your ideal home if it were located on a street with a nightmare name?