Waterfords is now offering innovative livestream viewings

News at Waterfords | 30/06/2020

Waterfords Estate Agents based in Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire, are trialling an innovative way to conduct live viewings via a new service called Gavl.

Gavl, which has taken the Australian property market by storm in recent months, is now being used by top estate agents across the UK to improve customer service for buyers, tenants, sellers and landlords alike. It allows estate agents to film a live viewing at any property and then anyone can watch it via the Gavl website or App. Those wishing to view a property need enter their details in order to attend a livestream viewing and can join the viewing from anywhere in the world.

Managing Director of Waterfords, Brendan Cox, comments:

“We are so excited to trial Gavl at our Camberley branch throughout July. If we receive positive feedback from our customers, we look forward to rolling out the Gavl app across all our departments later in the summer. We understand that despite all the safety precautions being taken during the pandemic, many customers still feel uncomfortable about attending a physical viewing, or indeed allowing numerous people in and out of their property. Gavl allows us to show our properties to a bigger audience and attract much more attention to out of area house hunters who can’t attend a physical viewing.

We are able to have an agent show you around a property, while still being as interactive as you would be on a physical face to face viewing. Viewers can ask questions to the agent showing them around and the agent can answer. Privacy of the viewer is maintained as only the Waterfords staff member can see the questions asked on their screen. 

These livestream viewings are exclusive and are not recorded, making them much more like a face to face viewing for the customer than watching a recorded virtual tour of a property.”


If I am selling or letting my home, what are the advantages of allowing livestream viewings?


Less stress for you

One of the biggest advantages of allowing Waterfords to host a livestream viewing is that it saves you time and stress as the homeowner! Anyone interested in your property can attend the livestream viewing first and then only ‘serious’ second viewings will need to visit your property. This means, less cleaning, tidying and organising is needed overall - allowing you to get on with other things in your busy life.


Generate more interest in your property

There are many out-of-area buyers and tenants who, due to other commitments, might not be able to make a physical viewing or a property launch day. Gavl allows them to get a really good idea of the property in just twenty minutes to half an hour. People who would not normally travel to view a property will be able to view it via a Waterfords livestream viewing. During the livestream viewing they can ask our agent questions. The agent will also be in touch with them after the viewing if the questions are more complicated.


Property safety

Just like a Waterfords in-person appointment, everyone who attends a livestream viewing has to give Waterfords their full details. We don’t just let anybody watch the viewing. They have to be registered with Gavl, so we know exactly who they are.


As a house hunter, how do I attend a livestream viewing with Waterfords?

The great thing about Gavl is that you can watch a live property viewing from anywhere in the world! Perhaps you are moving a fair distance from your current location and don’t have time to make the trip to see one property. Maybe you still feel slightly nervous about attending a physical face to face viewing during the Covid-19 pandemic? Waterfords always want to make sure we are providing everyone with the best possible service, which is why we’ve decided to work with Gavl.

The viewings are so easy to access: simply visit gavl.com or download the app and follow the property you are interested in. You will receive a push notification when we go live at the property.

We will be announcing all our live viewings via our social media channels, so follow Waterfords on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter so you don’t miss out on our very latest properties being showcased. We look forward to seeing you!