What Does A Royal Title Mean For Your Property Price

News at Waterfords | 26/04/2018

It’s a boy! Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on their new arrival, the fifth in line to the throne. While we await a name, in property terms which are the most valuable, or familiar of the bookmakers favourites?

Over the last year properties sold on streets bearing all the names with the exception of Frederick exceed the UK average house price of £225,047. Properties sold on streets bearing Albert, Elizabeth and Mary attracting the highest price premiums.

Victoria is the most popular girls street name, Albert for a boy, over 3300 and 1300 sales respectively taking place on streets bearing these names, compared to less than 40 for Alice and just 130 for Philip.

And what of George and Charlotte? Properties sold on streets including George, sold on average for over twice the UK average at over £483,000, while Charlotte attracts a premium of over £70k compared to the UK average.

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