Mortgage advice

Choosing a mortgage is an enormous financial decision. There are thousands of mortgages on offer, so how do you choose the right one for your needs? The mortgage market is extremely competitive and it can be hard to understand what is on offer and which product is the right one to suit you.

There are many different providers and a wide range of products and rates available

Lenders and brokers must offer advice when they recommend a mortgage for you. They’ll assess the level of mortgage repayments you can afford by looking at your income as well as your monthly repayments and day-to-day spending. This is to ensure you end up with a mortgage that suits your needs.

Free, no obligation mortgage advice through Waterfords

Waterfords Estate Agents with offices in Camberley, Chobham, Fleet and Yateley advise all their buyers to be financially prepared prior to making an offer on a property. This can be arranged with their own independent and locally trusted financial services department, The Mortgage Bubble.

To be financially prepared saves time when it comes to making an offer. It also means that buyers can put an offer forward with complete confidence, also giving the seller assurance that their buyer is committed and ready to proceed with the sale.


Why should I get mortgage advice from a broker rather than go directly to a lender?

Five good reasons to speak to a financial advisor:

They’ll check your finances to make sure you can afford a mortgage,
They might have exclusive deals with lenders, not otherwise available,
They often complete the paperwork for you, so your application should be dealt with faster,
They’ll help you take all the costs and features of the mortgage into account, beyond the interest rate,
They should only recommend a mortgage that is suitable for you and will tell you which ones you’re likely to get.

If you don’t take advice, you could end up:

With the wrong mortgage for your situation, which could mean you struggle to make the payments over the term of the mortgage.
Being rejected by your chosen lender, because you didn’t understand the restrictions clearly or what circumstances the mortgage was designed for.

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