Seller Checklist

Sellers Checklist


    • Signed agency agreement.


    • Agent's details approved.


    • Check solicitor has your mortgage account number and obtained title deeds from lender.


    • Check with your lender if you need to give them notice.


    • Register with Waterfords Associate Companies through movewithus if looking anywhere throughout the UK.


    • Give agent key for accompanied viewings.


    • Agent and solicitor have all your contact telephone numbers and e mail addresses.


    • Have preliminary discussions with financial adviser on mortgage requirements for the next purchase, if applicable.


    • Inform solicitor that offer is agreed.


    • Agree with solicitor the amount of deposit you are receiving from your purchaser.


    • Make sure you have received agent's Memorandum of Sale and check that the details of the sale are accurate.


    • Make sure you have agreed what to include/exclude with purchaser by way of extras e.g. carpets and curtains.


    • Agree target dates for exchange of contracts and completion with purchaser and make sure both parties' solicitors are aware of      this date.


    • Make sure the survey has been carried out on your sale within two weeks of the sale being agreed.


    • Where applicable, complete mortgage application on purchase.


    • Inform schools, doctors, dentists etc of pending move.


    • Inform all utilities i.e. gas, electric and water companies of your moving date and make sure meters are read on the day of      completion (see "Who to notify after you have exchanged contracts":


    • Send out change of address cards.


    • Start packing


    • Viewers list


  • Viewing sheet


Who to notify after you have exchanged contracts

Utilities - Arrange to have all meters read before you move.

Local Council - Arrange transfer of payment of your council tax from your existing property to your new property

Post office - Arrange for your post to be redirected from the day of moving.

Subscriptions - If you have magazines, catalogues or other regular brochures sent to you, notify them in time.

Insurance companies - Buildings, contents and car insurance companies need to be contacted as soon as possible, as your premiums may change if you are moving to a different area.

Milk and Paper Deliveries - Will your buyers wish to continue? Check before you cancel.

Bank Manager - Your bank will wish to know your new address. The same will apply to any other savings and investments accounts and credit card companies.

Healthcare - Tell your GP, any clinics and hospitals who keep records on you and the National Blood Transfusion if you are a donor. Also inform your private health insurer and vet and arrange to collect your pet's medical records, as necessary.

Education - Inform the local authorities and return any library books if moving out of the area.

DVLA - Your registration documents and driving license will have to be amended. Also, contact any breakdown and recovery services you may belong to.

Telephone Company - It is best to arrange with your seller and/or buyer to take over their existing service. If you are moving in the same exchange area, you may wish to take your telephone number with you.

Your Buyer - Make sure your buyer can easily reach you, especially in the early days.

...and don't forget your family and friends!