A back to school guide for selling your home

News at Waterfords | 27/08/2022


It’s that time of year where the summer holidays seem to be passing us by far too quickly, and the start of the new school year is upon us.

It’s also the time of year where many people are thinking about putting their property on the market in the hope that they can be enjoying Christmas in a new home.

Just as parents across the country are getting things in place for back to school, you should also be getting organised if you want to sell your home this autumn.

That’s why the team at Waterfords Estate Agents have put together this back-to-school guide for selling your home in Camberley, Chobham Fleet and Yateley – we don’t want you getting a detention for not doing your homework!


Smart and presentable

Many children will be starting a new school and will have a brand-new uniform for their first day. Regardless of what they look like when they come home, you want them to arrive looking smart and presentable. 

Just as you want your children to give a good first impression at school, the same applies for your home when you are preparing it for sale.  No matter how it looks in normal daily life, the first impression you want buyers to have is of a beautifully organised home ready for them to make their own.


Getting to know you

From teachers to classmates, it can be daunting getting to know others and working out who to trust. It can be the same when looking for an estate agent to represent you and your property when selling your home. 

At Waterfords Estate Agents we don’t just want to know about your home – by understanding your personal needs and circumstances we can provide a greater level of service. Every property has its weaknesses and strengths and it’s our job to utilise its unique personality to attract the right buyer and achieve the right price.


All the right tools

Who didn’t used to absolutely love spending hours in Woolworths or WH Smith choosing all their pens, pencils, files and essential items for the start of the school year? It was a rite of passage! You wanted to ensure that you’d thought of the small details as well as the big. 

This is exactly the thought process you should have when getting your home ready for a viewing. Don’t just ‘polish your shoes’, but really make your property shine by cleaning your windows and keeping surfaces clear of clutter.  Then add those little finishing touches such as fresh flowers and perfectly placed accessories to bring your home to life.


Nervous and excited

Remember the feeling of the first day at school, being filled with a mixture of nerves and excitement? This is often how potential buyers feel when they arrive to view your property, and we want this feeling to continue long after they leave.

This is why telling the story of your home is so essential – sharing your stories and memories in a way that provides them with an insight into what their lives could be like if they decided this was the house for them.


Listen to feedback

It can be hard to listen to feedback, whether on a parents’ evening or what a buyer thought about your home during a viewing. Never take it personally – at the end of the day, we all want the same result, to see your home sold for the right price.

Feedback is a useful and constructive way to find out what buyers are thinking and discover any niggles that we can overcome. Issues can often be resolved, and by working together and using the feedback as a guide, we can find that ideal buyer much more quickly.

Out of your hands

When you sit down to take a test or exam, you do everything you can to achieve the highest score possible – but then the result is out of your hands.

Once you have received an offer, we ask that you trust us to negotiate on your behalf. Our team at Waterfords are skilled negotiators who specialise in achieving the best possible price for your property.


The best support

Having the best support around you can see you achieve even greater things at school and in life, and the same goes for selling your home. It isn’t just the choice of estate agent that is crucial to the success of your sale, but also your choice of solicitor.

After the offer has been accepted that is when the real work begins to ensure the sales goes through as smoothly as possible. Always do your research to ensure you have the right team beside you working towards a successful completion for all parties involved.


Do your homework

Getting an assignment or a piece of work in late is always met with disapproval and could have knock-on effects and get you in trouble at school!

In a property sale, not returning documentation or calls could create delays and even cause your sale to collapse, as parties get nervous and suspicious. You can’t use the ‘dog ate my homework’ excuse here – get your paperwork ready in advance and get everything your solicitor and estate agent asks for over to them as quickly as possible.


Time to celebrate!

Every success should be celebrated and at the end of the school year there are parties, proms and a slight sigh of relief from children!

You may already be planning the first party in your new home, bringing all your friends and family together to celebrate new beginnings.

We want to make sure you move home in as stress-free way as possible, so get in touch with our friendly team at Waterfords Estate Agents to for a free, no obligation chat about how to get your property sold this autumn.

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