Thinking of selling or developing your land? Here’s how we can help…

Whether you have a large garden, have a land assembly with other neighbours, own commercial premises or strategic land on ‘edge of settlement’, or a site with planning history, there are many options open to you. The Waterfords land experts can help you maximise its value in Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire.

If you’re thinking: ‘What’s my land worth?’, when it comes to value, the best returns are typically achieved by obtaining planning permission to develop on land. ‘Planning granted’ can be challenging to achieve and it often requires experience, extensive expertise and a great deal of determination. This is just one of the areas where Waterfords Land can help you.

If you’re selling land, you can choose the route that is most suited to you. We can support you with advice to apply for planning yourself, or alternatively we could guide you through the process of selling to a house builder or developer. It’s worth bearing in mind that there are further valuable options if you choose this route and we can suggest the best one to suit your needs.

We work with house builders, planning consultants, architects and developers across the UK and can help you achieve the very best price within your timescales.

It all begins with a conversation. Planning refused? Planning submitted? Planning granted? Tell us where you are and we’ll help you realise your land’s potential.


Applied for planning consent, but unsure of your next steps?

Getting to this stage is not easy, so congratulations! The next few months may be nail biting, but as long as you have engaged with the local authority positively (hopefully with a ‘pre app’) and are working with the right architects and planning consultants, you should be on the right track.

When thinking about your future plans, our fresh thinking and local connections can help you plot a path to profit sooner than you might have thought.

Firstly, we can provide development consultancy advice, including pricing and market research, in readiness for when you obtain planning. Secondly, you may be reviewing whether you will ultimately develop the site or perhaps consider selling the land on. It’s worth bearing in mind that many house builders will work in partnership with landowners to ensure that a planning application is one that, once approved, will appeal to a house builder or end user.

Let’s have a confidential, no obligation discussion to explore the various options open to you.


Has your planning application been refused? Don’t worry

Having a planning application refused can seem like the end of your journey, but it’s often just the beginning. Waterfords Land team can help you take things in a new direction.

There are several routes to follow. Firstly, you could submit a planning appeal, or you can take a more measured approach and consider the reasons for the refusal. Very often a planning decision notice with a refusal will give you the guidance needed to overcome the most pressing issues and once these have been dealt with, a subsequent application won’t be too harshly questioned.

A high proportion of planning applications are refused first time, so don’t give up. We can help you reappraise the scheme, and perhaps help you find a buyer who will take on the challenge of getting the planning consent themselves. Alternatively, you may find yourself working in collaboration with a potential buyer on the basis that, once the planning application is granted, they’ll proceed with the purchase.

The bottom line here is not to give up. Waterfords Land Team can give you the answers and support you need. Speak to our friendly team today.


Has your planning application been granted? What next?

Your perseverance has paid off and now is the perfect time to review your options. You have an asset which is hugely valuable and appealing to many house builders and developers, who typically don’t have the time and resources to speculate on buying land on a ‘subject to planning’ basis.

You might be wondering whether to build the consented scheme yourself or sell the site on. At this stage, its best to get an up-to-date land valuation – one that considers the recently-achieved planning consent – as well as an appraisal on the value of the new build units so that you can understand the gross development value.

It may well be that it makes financial sense to cash-out now without undertaking the building work. Either way, we can guide you before you need to make any big decisions. And if you decide to explore selling the land, we have the contacts to know who will offer a competitive rate.


Are you now market-ready? Let’s talk

We’re proud to have made a name for ourselves in the land and new homes market by not only understanding the needs of house builders and landowners, but by offering the property consultant services that support growth.

You’ll soon discover that we excel in delivering all the necessary elements for the successful launch of a development, and that we have the expertise and commitment to fully-support a project.

We have considerable experience of managing site sales operations for our clients and you can count on our agents to represent your company professionally and to uphold your best interests.

We’ve worked with many of the UK’s leading house builders and appreciate the finer details of working with premium developers; a cohesive approach from a sales and lettings perspective can foster both short- and long-term returns.

Contact the Waterfords Land and New Homes team for free, no obligation advice on any aspect of land value or development opportunities.

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Land and New Homes case studies

Waterfords Land and New Homes are in contact with clients ranging from well-known national house builders to local developers. Allow us to present just a small collection of successful projects we have assisted with.


Aldington Gate, Bagshot, Surrey

Former dog kennels. Planning granted for six stunning three bedroom semi-detached homes.


Home Farm, Windlesham, Surrey

Former commercial yard. Planning consent granted for substantial country residence.


Lockeswood, Eversley, Hampshire

Waterfords Estate Agents Lockeswood

Planning consent granted for four luxury detached homes on the Hockey pitches of St Neots School.


Claremont, Ascot, Berkshire

Claremont Waterford Estate agents

Demolition of 6 detached residential properties and planning consent granted for 23 luxury family homes.


Mulberry Lodge, Camberley, Surrey

Waterfords Estate Agents Mulberry

Garden plot planning consent granted for a four bedroom detached bungalow.


Sovereign Mews, Ascot, Berkshire 

Waterfords Estate Agents Sovereign Mews

Planning consent granted for 10 luxury town houses overlooking Ascot racecourse on the plot of a former commercial car dealership. 


Larkfield House & Malden House, Windlesham, Surrey

Former residential property with large garden. Planning permission granted for two extra executive detached homes.