How to increase your property value without dropping the asking price

News at Waterfords | 22/07/2020

How to increase your home’s value without dropping the asking price

Waterfords Estate Agents, based in Camberley, Chobham, Fleet and Yateley share their top tips on ways to quickly increase the value of your property without spending an fortune.

Whether you are thinking of selling your home or you are already on the market, we'd like to help you put your best foot forward when marketing your home.

If your home is for sale and you are not getting serious interest from buyers, dropping your asking price is not the only option. There are some home relatively quick improvements that can help you sell more effectively without investing a fortune.


Wet rooms being kitchens, utility rooms, cloakrooms and bathrooms. The general rule of thumb with flooring in these rooms is that it needs to be moppable - a hard floor. It doesn't need to be expensive, in fact there are some fabulous vinyls out there that will only cost a couple of hundred pounds per room. However the difference in how a buyer will see your home is worth the cost. A bathroom that is carpeted will look very dated to the modern buyer, regardless of whether it's old or not.


New cushions, bedding and curtains can radically improve and update your home for a relatively moderate spend. Mix and match a selection of standout designer cushions of superior quality with some cheaper ones in blocks of colour to match, then complement with a well-chosen soft throw.


Carpets can really date a home and give a buyer a reason to make a lower offer. A good quality, neutral carpet throughout the property can add several times it's value by making the home look up to date. Re-carpeting an average sized house will cost around £4000 but it will certainly be worthwhile.


There are some minor defects that as a homeowner, we might just put up with in our own home. The question is, will a buyer want to put up with these ‘quirks’ when thinking of putting an offer in on your property. Here is a list of minor problems that will put many buyers off, but are easily resolved by any competent DIYer:

•peeling paint

•squeaking or sticking doors and windows

•door latches and handles that don’t work

•mouldy sealants in kitchens and bathrooms

•dripping taps

•loose tiles

•sewer or drain smells

•broken or damaged windows

•squeaky floors and stairs

•cracks to ceilings and plasterwork

•lifting flooring


Many people will be able to fix the majority of the above themselves in a day or two. If you don’t have the time or the thought of DIY fills you with fear, Waterfords Property Management team can recommend some excellent local handy men who would be delighted to provide a quote for the above.

Remember, spending a relatively small sum of money may just get your home sold for more!

We have decades of experience in how to get the best price for your home. If you would like more tips and advice on increasing the value of your home, please get in touch with our friendly team.

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