NHBC Warranties: what are they and what do they cover?

News at Waterfords | 06/01/2023

In theory, buying a new-build property in Camberley, Chobham, Fleet and Yateley should mean that you experience minimal issues when you move in. Unfortunately, though, that isn’t always the case. Teething problems with newly-built properties are common.

Happily, every new-build home comes with warranties for your peace of mind, and the most commonly-issued type of new-build warranty is the NHBC warranty.

In this article, the Waterfords Land & New Homes team take you through exactly what this type of warranty is and what it covers.


Does An NHBC Warranty Protect A New-Build Property?

Yes. The National House-Building Council issues these warranties, hence their abbreviation to NHBC. The NHBC warranty has been designed as a guarantee on new-build properties and it covers all newly-constructed homes. It is the builder who has constructed the property that takes out the warranty to cover themselves in the event of a problem. NHBC warranties are issued for several different types of developments including build-to-rent properties, custom builds, private sales, and shared ownership homes.


Are There Other Home Warranty Providers?

Although there are several other providers of new-build home warranties, NHBC warranties are the most common. Premier Guarantee, Build-Zone, LABC, and FMB are just some of the alternatives.


What Does An NHBC Warranty Cover?

An NHBC Warranty will cover both structural issues and defects in the property. However, there are two timeframes covered on each warranty. For two years after the property’s construction, the warranty covers you for both structural issues and defects.

After 24 months, only structural problems are covered. Therefore, from the third year onwards, snagging issues, fittings and fixtures issues and small non-structural problems are your responsibility to deal with and rectify. It’s vital, then, to know when the defects period comes to an end, and it’s also essential to keep a running snagging list, ensuring that things can be fixed before your cover comes to an end.


Is Anything Not Covered By An NHBC Warranty?

There are some things that are excluded from NHBC warranties including:

  • Weather damage
  • Natural disasters
  • Wear and tear

Some issues like dampness are sometimes covered by the warranty, but only when the problem’s root cause is traceable to an issue during the property’s construction. If condensation has accumulated afterwards, for example, and mould has taken hold, it isn’t the builder’s responsibility to fix the damage, it’s yours.


How Long Does An NHBC Warranty Last?

Typically, an NHBC warranty lasts for ten years, but in some cases, an extension to twelve years is possible.


Can The NHBC Warranty Be Transferred?

The NHBC warranty is issued not on the property’s owner but on the property itself. Therefore, if you move home within the lifetime of the warranty, it will be passed on to the buyer. If there’s a policy already in place for your home, that is often an appealing selling point.

You should ensure your estate agent knows about the policy before listing your home for sale. You should also note, though, that any improvements that you have made to the property after moving in aren’t covered by the warranty.


What Will Happen If I Discover A Snag After Moving In?

If you keep a running snagging list, you’ll be able to easily track any issues that arise after moving into your new property. However, if you notice a severe defect, get in touch with your builder straight away. If you fail to do this, further damage may occur that could end up causing your warranty to be invalidated.

It’s also wise to keep records of all correspondence with the builder about the defects you discover. Keeping notes of times, dates, and what you discussed will prove to be very helpful should the builder be unresponsive or refuse to carry out the necessary work.


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