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News at Waterfords | 24/05/2019

At Waterfords, we pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service and are therefore constantly thinking of ways to make your moving journey easier and less stressful. 

People who have sold a property before will know that undoubtedly the most stressful part of selling is the time between offer and exchange. This ‘sales progression’ period sometimes feels like a car trip with a small child continually asking ‘are we there yet’? Waterfords want to take the pressure off both buyer and seller by simplifying the process with our new all-in-one sale and conveyancing service.

If you are looking for a hassle-free property sale then Waterfords provide an all-in-one sale and conveyancing service meaning your legal costs are included in our competitive fee.*


Why choose our all-in-one service?

As well as benefitting from a smoother sales process, there are four good reasons why our all-in-one service goes further to help you sell your home:


1. Established and experienced solicitors

We select our solicitors very carefully, ensuring they share equal commitment and passion for providing the same level of customer service as Waterfords.


2. Dedicated sales progression 

Our highly trained and experienced department is devoted to pushing sales through to exchange, meaning that chains are much less likely to break, causing costly fall-throughs.


3. 4 week faster transaction

Hit the ground running with the legal process. A seller who uses our all-in-one sale and conveyancing service could speed up the transaction by approximately four weeks.


4. No sale, no fee

Unlike typical conveyancing services, you don’t need to worry about paying estate agent or conveyancing fees until you complete on your sale.**



The stages of sales progression

We have explained the sales progression process in detail below. It is a complicated process that Waterfords and their recommended solicitor have decades of experience in handling competently. Unless you feel completely confident in understanding the sales process, then the Waterfords all-in-one sale and conveyancing service is worth considering. Read over 600 customer reviews to see how help ensure the moving process goes as smoothly as possible for your customer.


Under Offer

This is exciting news for both the seller and purchaser. An offer has been made at the right price and both parties are happy with the outcome. Once the seller has accepted an offer on their property, it is ‘Sold subject to contract’ and the legal process begins.

At this point, both seller and purchaser will need to instruct a solicitor or licensed conveyancer if they haven’t already done so. However, if the seller has chosen the Waterfords all-in-one sale and conveyancing service, this is already taken care of and you can feel much more relaxed about the process ahead, knowing you are in safe hands.


The paperwork

To kick off the sales progression process, Waterfords will issue a memorandum of sale to both seller and purchaser and their solicitors. This is a very important document and is used throughout the entire process. 

The seller’s solicitor will also request deeds to the property from the seller or their mortgage lender, copies from the Land Registry, and a redemption figure from the mortgage lender. There will be used to draw up the contract for the sale.

The contract will be sent to the purchaser’s solicitor, who will check through and raise any necessary enquiries until both solicitors are satisfied with the final draft.


Surveying the property

While the solicitors are dealing with the contract paperwork, some buyers choose to send a private surveyor to the property to ensure there are no underlying issues they are unaware of.

If the purchaser is taking out a mortgage, their lender will also send a valuer to confirm the property is worth what the buyer has offered and make sure there are no obvious issues. The results of this valuation report will determine the lender’s decision to issue the purchaser’s mortgage.

Waterfords will act on behalf of the seller, ensuring the surveyors visit the property at a convenient time. These visits can take between 20 minutes and 3 hours depending on the type of survey and whether any issues are discovered. 

At this point, a buyer may choose to renegotiate the contract if any problems are highlighted, and we will work with seller and purchaser to come an agreeable solution.



The conveyancing process will continue with a number of searches on behalf of the purchaser. These involve enquiries to the local council regarding any potential enforcement or development issues that may affect the property, as well as confirmation that the property has access to mains water and drainage. Waterfords will be there every step of the way, ensuring important tasks and documentation are collected on time to speed up the process for you.

Now that the necessary information has been collated, both sets of solicitors will work to complete the contracts. They will then be sent to the seller and purchaser, ready to sign.


Exchange of contracts

At this point, it’s time to set a mutually agreeable date for completion. It’s important to consider whether either or both parties are in a chain, as this may set the completion date back. The other parties in the chain will need to be contacted by the conveyancer, ensuring everyone completes on the same day, and nobody is left without somewhere to move to.

Because Waterfords has a dedicated Sales Progression Department and works closely with our recommended solicitor, this should put your mind at ease. We will be doing everything we can to secure an agreeable completion date for you, taking the stress out of the process as much as possible.

The exchange of contracts legally binds both seller and purchaser to go through with the property sale – moving-in day is getting close!


Moving day

The day of completion has arrived and finally the ownership of the property will be legally transferred from the seller to the purchaser.

The buyer’s funds are sent to the seller’s solicitor, who will confirm receipt. We will then be authorised to release the keys to the new owner. This is our favourite part of the whole process as we get to see both parties start their new lives and wish them well in their new home.

Are you ready to begin the process?

With the friendly Waterfords team on your side and a new less stressful way of selling your home, you can count on our decades of experience on your moving journey.

Get in touch with your local branch to find out how we can help you.


*Legal fees relate to the sales transaction only, when using our all-in-one sale and conveyancing service. 

**Conveyancing disbursements are not included within the fee

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